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Restriction Bands



Create and Maintain a Rock Hard Erection During Sex and “AFTER” Your Ejaculate*
You can continue penetration with a Rock Hard Erection until the Band is removed.*

Last Longer In Bed – Enjoy Multiple Orgasms

Time Tested and Proven Since 1997 – We’ve shipped over a million StayErect™ Restriction Bands to men just like you.
StayErect™ Restriction Bands are designed to trap blood inside a man’s penis.

ED – Stop Venous Leakage – Stay Hard and Continue Penetration for as Long as YOU want.

PE – Calms the overwhelming “Urge to Ejaculate” that “Point-of-No-Return” that a man feels during the heat of passion. 

Maintain Your Hardest Erection – Even After Ejaculation

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You can enjoy all aspects of sex, from oral stimulation to intercourse, with a solid erection but without feeling the overwhelming urge to ejaculate.

Satisfy Your Lover – Achieve Male Multiple Orgasms – Do All the Sexual Things You’ve Dreamed About….

 – Even if you do orgasm a little too soon, the Band will keep you Rock Hard.  You can continue penetration – feel your partners contractions as she reaches her peak –  enjoy the many aspects of sex including multiple orgasms.

FYI – Women Love the Band
They Love the Look and Feel of a Rock Hard Penis.

We want you to have every opportunity to experience the best sex possible so we’ll give you our Exclusive Stay Erect™ Restriction Band as a “FREE BONUS“ with any purchase.

In Use Since 1997 – Used by Hundreds of Thousands of men worldwide.  StayErect™ Restriction Bands are Safe and Easy-To-Use

Stop Venous Leakage

When you place the Band around the base of the penis, proper pressure is applied to the veins preventing blood from leaving. 

The Band is sensitive enough to allow complete arterial blood to flow into your penis, creating and maintaining a constant erection.  

Your Penis Will Stay “Rock Hard” After Ejaculation.*

  • the Self-Adjusting Band puts gentle but firm Pressure on its Veins, blood can’t drain out.
  • Your penis becomes engorged with blood, harder and thicker than it was before.
  • The Nerves will become more and more sensitive, but NOT on the head. The head of your penis actually becomes desensitized.
  • The engorgement of blood puts pressure on the sides of the penis, and the nerves on your shaft becomes much more sensitive.
  • The extreme sensitivity that you normally have on the head of your penis, is now transferred to the shaft.
  • The extreme sense of Urgency to Ejaculate, is gone.  

You will feel Pleasure over your Entire Penis, Not Just its Head. It’s an erotic feeling that you’ve never felt before, and you only get it with The Restriction Band.*

With a firm erection, a man can continue penetration after ejaculation.*

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Stay Hard “AFTER” You Ejaculate*

  • With a firm erection, you can Continue Penetration
  • Feel Your Partners Contractions as she reaches orgasm after orgasm
  • Engage in intense physical action using different Sex Toys and Positions
  • Enjoy ALL the many aspects of sex including Multiple Orgasms.*

StayErect Restriction Band:

  •  Is a very small, very safe, Self-Adjusting band that fits around the base of your penis.
  •  It is self-adjusting, designed to expand and contract with your penis during a normal erection.
  •  It provides the proper amount of flexibility, strength, and pressure.*

Perfectly Safe & Easy-to-Use

  • It’s hardly noticeable. It will NOT be felt by your partner.
  •  It is easy to apply whether your penis is erect or flaccid.
  •  It can be used over or under a condom.*

“…I was a little skeptical about the Band. WOW! What a difference it made in the size of my penis. It got really thick and the veins bulged. It looked like a rubber dildo. When my girlfriend saw it she went wild. She said that she never saw anything more beautiful. The sex was awesome! These products really, really do work. I recommend them to everyone…”
Alex K. Largo, FL*

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* Everyone is different and results may vary from person to person.

Change your “Ho Hum” sex life into the most erotic encounter you’ve ever experienced*

Women Love The Band

Don’t Be Afraid or Embarrassed to use the Restriction Band.  It’s very small and hardly noticeable.*

Your penis will become engorged with blood making it much harder and thicker than normal.

Your penis will swell and your veins will bulge adding additional thickness.
The bulging veins will give your penis a dildo-like appearance, that women love to touch.*  Learn more

What a vibrator does for a woman, a Restriction Band will do for you.
As a vibrator produces erotic sensations for a woman, a Band has the ability to create those same sensations for you.
Your penis will become extremely sensitive in a very erotic and satisfying way.*

A More Satisfying Sexual Encounter*

As a Restriction Band is applied, the nerves on the shaft of your penis will become more and more sensitive.
You’ll feel a very pleasurable sensation over the entire length of your penis.
It’s an extremely erotic feeling, and you only get it with a Restriction Band.*

  • Create an extremely erotic sensation over your entire penis
  • Create a thicker, harder, penis to increase her sensitivity.
  • Provide ejaculation control to last as long as you want.
  • Maintain your hardest erection, even after orgasm.
  • Bring your partner to sexual ecstasy and orgasmic bliss*

You can enjoy the erotic sensations of lovemaking without the fear of losing your erection.

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