To End the Frustration of
Premature Ejaculation

You Must Learn to Control
the Unique Sensations of Sex*

The Sensations of Sex:

One of the major causes of premature ejaculation is Extreme Sensitivity.

The Head becomes so sensitive and the “Urge-to-Ejaculate” is so strong that…
You Ejaculate Without Control and You Lose Your Erection!

A Combination of Products

Unfortunately premature ejaculation has many causes that are both physical and psychological. 

Extreme Sensitivity; Abnormal Hormone Levels; Stress; Anxiety; Depression; etc.

Using only one product to stop PE just isn’t enough.

Drugs, Sprays, Books, Videos,
Do NOT work when used alone*

Why not use a Combination of Products that takes care of everything – All At Once.

Different products that work together to take care of the many different causes.

It’s faster, easier, and works so much better than just one product alone.*

Do You Ejaculate Too Soon?

Desensitizing Gel – Gently numb the head of your penis.
Imagine Sex Lasting 10, 20, even 30 Minutes Longer.
Enjoy all aspects of sex; form oral sex to intercourse without the fear of premature ejaculation.* Learn More

Do You Lose Your Erection?

A Performance Formula to Balance and Stabilize Sex Hormones like Testosterone, Serotonin, and Nitric Oxide

Increase Energy and Stamina – Decrease Stress and Performance Anxiety.*

You can engage in Longer, Harder, and More Intense Physical Sex.* Learn More

Stay Hard After Orgasm

“FREE” Restriction Band – Trap blood inside the penis – Maintain a “Rock Hard” erection during the entire sexual encounter – even AFTER you ejaculate.*

Stay Hard inside your lover – Feel her vaginal contractions as you bring her to Orgasm after Orgasm.*  Learn More

Stay Hard and Continue Penetration
Until She’s Completely Satisfied*
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Premature Ejaculation Combo

Working in Harmony
to Ensure Better Results
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Performance Formula – Rebuild, Balance, and Stabilize a man’s sex hormones during a sexual encounter.*
• Create a Larger and Harder Erection*
• Increase Energy and Stamina to go 2 to 3 Times a Night*
• Faster Recovery Time after Ejaculation.*
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Desensitizing Gel – Gently numb the head of your penis
• Last 10, 20, even 30 Minutes Longer.*
• Lubricates to make certain (anal) sex more comfortable.
• Can be used over and/or under a condom.
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• FREE Restriction Band – Engage in Longer, Harder, and More Intense Physical Sex – Bring her to Orgasm after Orgasm.*
• Stay Hard and Continue Penetration until She’s Completely Satisfied. *
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Develop ‘LONG-TERM’ Ejaculation Control
Sensations of Sex Awareness Program – Don’t pay $100 for books and videos.

We’ll give you “FREE” step-by-step instruction of special techniques and exercises that will help you gain “Complete Control” of your ejaculation in only a Few Short Weeks.*

Control That Can Last a Lifetime *
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Successfully Used by Hundreds of
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