Stay Erect AFTER You Ejaculate*




To End the Frustration of
Premature Ejaculation

You Must Learn to Control
the Unique Sensations of Sex*

The Sensations of Sex:

Premature Ejaculation is caused by an Extreme Sensitivity on the head of your penis.

The Head becomes so sensitive and the “Urge-to-Ejaculate” is so strong that… You Ejaculate Without Control and You Lose Your Erection!

Do You Ejaculate Too Soon?

Imagine Sex Lasting 10, 20, even 30 Minutes Longer – Enjoy all aspects of sex; form oral sex to intercourse without the fear of premature ejaculation.*

Do You Lose Your Erection?

A Performance Formula to Balance and Stabilize Sex Hormones like Testosterone, Serotonin, and Nitric Oxide

Increase Energy and Stamina – Decrease Stress and Performance Anxiety.*

You can engage in Longer, Harder, and More Intense Physical Sex.* Learn More

Stop Venous Leakage

“FREE” Restriction Band – Trap blood inside the penis – Maintain a “Rock Hard” erection during the entire sexual encounter – even AFTER you ejaculate.*

Stay Hard inside your lover – Feel her vaginal contractions as you bring her to Orgasm after Orgasm.*  Testimonials

Stay Hard and Continue Penetration
Until She’s Completely Satisfied*
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Sexual Dysfunction is both physical
and mental.  To treat both causes,

You MUST Use a
Combination of Products


Sexual Dysfunction Combo

Maintain Your Erection 10, 20,
even 30 Minutes Longer…..

Performance Formula – Balance Hormones & Increase Blood Flow
• Create a Larger and Harder Erection*
• Increase Energy and Stamina to go 2 to 3 Times a Night*
• Faster Recovery Time after Ejaculation.* Learn more


Desensitizing Gel – Gently numb the head of your penis
• Last 10, 20, even 30 Minutes Longer.*
• Lubricates to make certain (anal) sex more comfortable.
• Can be used over and/or under a condom.
* Learn more

• FREE Restriction Band – Engage in Longer, Harder, and More Intense Physical Sex – Bring her to Orgasm after Orgasm.*
• Stay Hard and Continue Penetration until She’s Completely Satisfied. * Learn more

Develop ‘LONG-TERM’ Ejaculation Control
Sensations of Sex Awareness Program – Don’t pay $100 for books and videos.
We’ll give you “FREE” all the tools necessary to gain “Complete Control” of your ejaculation in only a Few Short Weeks*

Control That Can Last a Lifetime *

In Use Since 1997

Successfully Used by Hundreds of
Thousands of Men – Worldwide*

Safe – Effective – Easy-To-Use

Money Back Guarantee

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last longer in bed desensitizing gel- cream


Calm the Extreme Sensitivity

Experience Unbelievable Staying Power and Control*

StayErect™ Desensitizing and Lubricating Gel takes the extreme sensitivity of sex OFF the head of your penis.*
It Calms that Overpowering Urge to Ejaculate so that you can enjoy sex 20, 30, even 60 minutes longer.*

The Desensitizing Gel does NOT numb your penis or detract from the sensations of sex.
It will NOT affect your partner in any way.  Learn more

  • It has NO Odor or Taste.  She’ll never know you used it.*
  • Spreads easily & Absorbs quickly.*
  • Concentrated – You only need a few drops*
  • One bottle will last 40 to 45 encounters, a Two Month Supply* 
  • Each application lasts 30 to 60 minutes – achieve Multiple Orgasms.*
  • Makes anal sex smoother and painless.*
  • Can be used over/under a condom.*
  • Experience Simultaneous Orgasm with your partner*
  • Be inside her and Feel Her Contractions as she reaches Vaginal Orgasm*
  • Inexpensive – Only $0.39 per sexual encounter*
  • Discreet Plain Package Shipping and Billing  Learn more


“…“You guys have not failed to deliver as your website says. The Band and Gel helped me go from a maximum of 3 minutes to over 20 minutes. Thank you guys very much.*  ….. Survey Reply  Testimonials
* Results may vary

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* Everyone is different and results may vary from person to person.

Restriction Band-penis ring

Restriction Band

Stay Rock Hard – Continue Penetration – Achieve Multiple Orgasms


We want you to have every opportunity to experience the best sex possible so we’ll give you our Exclusive Stay Erect™ Restriction Band as a
FREE BONUS with any purchase.

Women Love the Look and Feel of a Rock Hard Penis

Don’t Be Afraid or Embarrassed to use the Band.  It’s very small and hardly noticeable.*

Your penis will become engorged with blood making it much harder and thicker than normal.

Your penis will swell and your veins will bulge adding additional thickness.

The bulging veins will give your penis a dildo-like appearance, that women love to touch.*  Learn more

In Use Since 1997

StayErect™ Bands are Safe and Easy-To-Use.
FYI – Hundreds of men reorder Restriction Bands every day … Because They Work.*

The Restriction Band traps blood inside a man’s penis to maintain a firm erection during intercourse and AFTER ejaculation.*

Calm The Urge to Ejaculate:
The engorgement of blood puts pressure on the shaft of your penis, and nerves on the Head of your penis become desensitized.

The extreme sensitivity is now transferred OFF the head of the penis to the shaft.  The Overwhelming Urge to Ejaculate is Gone.*

You can maintain a hard erection until the Band is removed.*

StayErect™ is NOT a Cock Ring!

  • It’s a very small, very safe, Self-Adjusting BAND that fits around the base of your penis.*
  • It’s very easy to use whether your penis is erect or flaccid.*
  • It can be used over or under a condom.*
  • StayErect™ is self-adjusting, designed to expand and contract with your penis during a normal erection.*
  • It provides the proper amount of flexibility, strength, and pressure*
  • It’s very small and hardly noticeable. It will NOT be felt by your partner.*
  • It will not injure the delicate tissues of the penis.*  Learn more

“…I was a little skeptical about the Band. WOW! What a difference it made in the size of my penis. It got really thick and the veins bulged. It looked like a rubber dildo. When my girlfriend saw it she went wild. She said that she never saw anything more beautiful. The sex was awesome! These products really, really do work. I recommend them to everyone…”
Alex K. Largo, FL* Testimonials

* Everyone is different and results may vary from person to person.

What Staying Hard After Ejaculation Really Means….

  • Continue penetration until your partner is Completely Satisfied and exhausted*
  • Create an extremely erotic sensation over your entire penis.*
  • Create a thicker, harder, penis to increase her sensitivity.*
  • Provide ejaculation control to last as long as you want.*
  • Maintain your hardest erection, even after orgasm.*
  • Bring your partner to sexual ecstasy and orgasmic bliss.*
  • Feel her contractions as she reaches her vaginal orgasm*
  • Achieve male multiple orgasm*  Learn more

Remember – Your erection will stay Rock Hard until the Band is removed … and it’s “FREE.

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* Everyone is different and results may vary from person to person.

last longer in bed desensitizing gel- cream

How About Another FREE Bonus

Our Exclusive Exercise Program:

This information will provide you with an easy-to follow, step-by-step instruction of special techniques and exercises that will help you to develop an awareness of the feelings and sensations that precede an orgasm. They help you to last longer, prolong your love making, and restore your self-confidence long-term.

Don’t pay $30.00 to $50.00 for an E-Book … it’s FREE with any purchase.

Stay Erect™ Desensitizing Gel, Restriction Band, and Special Techniques will help both you and your partner enjoy a sex life that is Spontaneous, Stress-Free, and Satisfying.*

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* Everyone is different and results may vary from person to person.